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Here you find pearls of wisdom. Relax. Enjoy. Share.

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Action! the POWER behind the words.

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LOVE there is no tomorrow.

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Welcome to the place where we motivate you with pearls of wisdom!

Wearing Your Crown

Being deemed a Queen is not the act of being presented a title. It represents who you are to become, meaning – it is what you do - not what people call you. The title of Queen may ensure you some form of recognition, however, when you put action behind the title, a natural and earned respect arises. This respect is what establishes your reputation as royalty of the Kingdom of God.

How A Queen Manifest Prosperity Despite Hard Economic Times

The current economic crisis is influencing people’s emotions and causing them to react in negative ways. People are afraid, depressed and experiencing feelings of desperation. People are shifting their thinking to align with the media reports and changing what they believe about their futures.

How A Queen Rules Her Domain

When a King decides to expand his territory, he does it with the intention of duplicating his culture and character in the new domain. When God placed us in the garden, it was to expand His territory of heaven, reflect His culture and manifest His character on earth as it is in heaven. God positioned us as royal regents and gave us the authority to exercise ruling power.

Who Is The Woman of Wow

There is within each woman a spiritual power that often remains hidden. Yet, it is the essence of her true nature which is deeply connected to the nature of God. This inner power has the ability to overcome many obstacles of life such as fear, hurt and despair.

Pearls of Wisdom

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Welcome to 2015!

Now is the time. Today is the day.  No more procrastination. No more fear.  Don’t ask for permission; make this your best year ever. It is all up to you.  You are in […]

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Live Your Life On Purpose and Attract Abundance

The Power of My Intention
I arose today before the sun just happy to be needed.  After my Bible study, I set my intentions for the day. I believe if we are not intentional, […]

Tony Robbins Talks About Increasing Our Standards

January 11, 2013