Wearing Your Crown

Wear Your CrownBeing deemed a Queen is not the act of being presented a title.  It represents who you are to become, meaning – it is what you do – not what people call you.  The title of Queen may ensure you some form of recognition, however, when you put action behind the title, a natural and earned respect arises. This respect is what establishes your reputation as royalty of the Kingdom of God.

When you accept the title of Queen it is your duty to properly represent God’s Kingdom and demonstrate His attributes; this is how you wear your crown. God’s attributes are part of the image of Him that was created in you.  Remember that the effects of your thoughts, words and deeds should be aligned with the image and likeness of your Creator.

How can you know that you are operating in the image of God?  To be certain you must first know what He said about Himself.  In Exodus 34, God appeared to Moses and proclaimed Himself to be LORD; El Shaddai, God Almighty. He then went on to describe His attributes – compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love, faithful, maintaining love to thousands and forgiving. Possessing these qualities makes you a divinely blessed creation of God.  Wearing your crown means that each time someone experiences you in this life, they will be exposed to one or more of God’s attributes.

When you wear your crown, you can enjoy the abundant life regardless of what is going on in the world around us. Because everything you think, say and do is a seed in the garden of life, by cultivating, tending and maintaining your garden with the seeds of the attributes of God, you are able to manifest health, wealth and happiness.

As royal residents in the Kingdom of God, you are required to wear your crown at all times.  It represents a spiritual uniform that sets you apart from the world.  Psalms 4:3 tells us that God has set apart his faithful servants for himself.  As Queens there should be a very distinct difference between God’s servants and the rest of the world.

Think of a doctor in hospital. You can tell who she is because she is wearing her lab coat or scrubs – her required uniform for her job – it sets her apart from everyone else.  Likewise, your crown is your uniform since you are a servants of God. Wearing it is not an option.

In Revelation 21 we are told of the precious stones that are used to craft the Kingdom walls – jasper, sapphire, emerald, onyx, ruby, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, turquoise, jacinth and amethyst.  Your spiritual crown is also beautifully adorned with precious stones – love, compassion, graciousness, patience, humility, gentleness, goodness, self-control, kindness, forgiveness, truthfulness and hopefulness.  My – what a gorgeous crown!

In all its beauty and splendor, your crown should be the thing that people experience, appreciate and remember about you.  You want to be identified by your crown and stand out from the world. Wearing your crown means that you don’t think, act or speak like the world. You operate in excellence, overcome great trials and speak with wisdom – all because of your crown and who you are in the Kingdom of God.

Wearing your crown is all about  loving the unlovely, being patient with the unknowing, forgiving the ugly, showing kindness to the poor, being compassionate to the brokenhearted, and above all, maintaining your self-control when you are provoked because you represent the Kingdom of God.

Representing the Kingdom should be your primary concern because part of your job is to help add to the Kingdom. God tells us that He wants none to perish.  A Queen speaks of her Kingdom and displays royal protocol as an example to others. A Queen is concerned with Kingdom business and asks herself often “What does this have to do with adding to the Kingdom?” Wearing your crown and demonstrating Kingdom the culture of the Kingdom allows people to experience Kingdom through you.

As Queens in the Kingdom of God, wearing your crown can be difficult.  Life on earth is challenging and just plain mean at times. But if you can hold on to your crown you will overcome the hardships for God promises to be with you at all times.

We can rely on the promises of God.  His word is faithful and true. No matter what you face, there is a promise of God that you can hang onto so that wearing your crown is not such a burden.  If you can remain steadfast and persevere, you will represent your King in a matter befitting Him. But He does not leave us alone.

In your weakness, Christ’s power is made perfect, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

When you don’t have the answers, you can seek God’s wisdom, James 1:5

When the battle is up hill, God will fight the battle for you, 2 chronicles 20:15

When the challenge seems impossible, all things are possible with God, Luke 18:27

God has set you apart. As a royal resident of the Kingdom, you can enjoy the abundant life. He placed within you everything that you needed to succeed in this world. Wearing your spiritual crown reminds you of how you that you are created in the image and likeness of God. So hold your head up high and wear your crown with pride for you are fearfully and wonderfully made and a royal resident of the Kingdom of God. Take your place among the Queens.


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