Queens! Are You Wearing Your Crown?

Taking Control of Your LifeWearing your crown is an art. It is a practice that you learn to perform on purpose. Wearing your crown is all about choosing who you will be in any given circumstance and maintaining that choice regardless of the situation.

Wearing your crown is all about displaying your personal values. These are the principles that you choose for your life and once you have chosen them, you don’t violate them nor do you allow anyone else to violate them.

Now days, we are told to think outside of the box if we want to be successful. But I submit to you that you should think and operate within your box. This box draws the lines of the boundaries that you have set up for your life.

Wearing your crown is about living your life on purpose. You conduct yourself according to the values that you have set in place to guide your steps. The art of wearing your crown is the ability to be consistent. As a Queen, you want people to know what to expect when they experience you and you want what they get to be exceptional. You want to display the character of God and this can only be done by learning the art of wearing your crown.

To obtain the abundant life that is befitting of a Queen, we must choose who we will be. To avoid becoming a victim of this world and all of its ills, we must choose who we will be. If we want to enjoy healthy relationships, we must choose who we will be. Otherwise, we relinquish our power and the world will choose for us and we will not like it. Wearing your crown is about living your life on purpose.

Three things to remember:

1.            Choose who you will be

2.            Live your life on purpose

3.            Wear your crown no matter what


The Benefits of Choosing

1.            You will display the character of God

2.            You will develop a strong character

3.            People will respect you for your consistency

4.            You will be in control

5.            No one will have the permission to hurt you

6.            Your personal value can’t be measured against others

7.            You can create anything you wish

8.            You will reap what you sow

9.            You will be free from criticism

10.          You will be emotionally free from the judgment of others

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Blessings and Favor To You!

Charly the Motivational Pearl

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